Week 1: Overview & Keyword Research

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Grab a pen and piece of paper (or open a word processing program on your computer), as you’re probably going to want to take notes

To watch the video in full-screen, press the “full screen” button, and then zoom in to the desired size

If you have comments or questions that are directly related to the video, please post them below, instead of the FB Group.  (Anything that the video asks you to post on the FB Group, please still post that on the Group page.)

I hope you guys enjoy, I look forward to hearing about all your ideas!

(Next meeting: Sunday, June 26th @ 6:00pm)


EDIT: On the “3 Ways to Monetize Your Site” slide, I mixed up “revenue” and “gross”.  I meant to say, “When selling someone else’s product as an affiliate, you typically get 25% – 60% of the gross sales… so it’s not uncommon to get over half of the revenue (or net income)

EDIT: You want to find 1-3 Primary keywords (1 is fine if it has enough searches) and 3-6 Secondary keywords.  However, you only need your 1 main keyword for this week.

EDIT: If the main keyword you want to use is too competitive, you’ll want to choose a more specific keyword in that same market (I mistakenly said “broader” in the video).  More specific keywords are called “long-tail keywords” (or “long-tail search terms”) as they typically contain more words. Just remember to check to make sure it is getting enough searches.



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