Week 2: Creating a WordPress Website


1. I’ve posted all the powerpoint notes below the video, so there’s no need to write anything down from the slides

2. The best way to watch this week’s video (in my opinion) is to follow along with it.  (Watch the first step, then pause the video and do it yourself.  Watch the second step, pause the video and do it yourself. etc)  The notes should help you while the video is paused.

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PowerPoint Notes:

Week 2
Creating a WordPress Website

What You Should Have By Now
Your Market
Your Main Keyword
Secondary Keywords
It’s Ok if you don’t have these yet
URL/Domain Name
Domain Hosted on a Server
At least 1 Article (250-500 words)

Overview of Today
Install WordPress
Pick and Install a Theme
Setup Theme Settings
Install and Setup Plugins
Create Sub-Pages and Navigation Bar
Pick and Setup Widgets
Find Pictures for the Site
Make Your First “Post” (Your article)

Installing WordPress
If it’s on my server:
Ask me to do it
If it’s on your server:
Go to your Cpanel
Locate the WordPress script
Follow the instructions
Don’t have a Cpanel?
Ask your server provider how to install WordPress
OR: Visit WordPress.Org/Download
That’s ORG, not COM

Picking a Theme
Pick One of My Themes:
Ad based sites might consider Socrates Theme (don’t buy it, I already own it)
Tell me which one and I’ll install it
Find Your Own Theme
Google Search: WordPress Themes
Some are Free, some Cost money
You can install, or have me install it
You can change your theme at any time
But it will typically cause some minor issues

Setup Theme Settings
Go to www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin
Click on “Settings” on the left
Add a “Tag Line”
Make sure everything is correct
Click on “Genesis” on the left
Only worry about:
General Settings
I’ll show you how

Install and Setup Plugins
In the Dashboard, click “Plugins”
Click “Add New” then Search For:
All-in-One SEO Pack
Ultimate Google Analytics
Facebook Comments
Facebook Like
Genesis Simple Edits
Setup Your Plugins (I’ll show you how)

Other Settings
Turning Comments off on New Posts:
Under Settings click on “Discussion”
Uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)”
Uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles”
Setting up “Permalink” Structure:
Under Settings click “Permalinks”
Choose “Custom Structure” and enter:
/%category%/%postname%/ OR /%postname%/

Create Sub-Pages
On the left, click “Pages” then “Add New”
Enter Your Title and Body Text
Fill Out the SEO Options at the Bottom
Choose the “Template” and “Parent”
Click “Publish”
Create the following (and any others you want)
About, Contact, and Blog (if your home page is not a blog)
One page (or category) for each secondary keyword
Eventually – “Terms and Conditions” & “Privacy Policy”

Setup Navigation Bar
On the left click “Appearance” then “Menus”
Enter a Menu Name (doesn’t matter what)
Add Pages to Your Navigation Bar from:
Custom Links
Most of you will only need to add “pages”

Add and Setup Widgets
Look through your site
Identify the “widget areas”
On the left: click “Appearance” then “Widgets”
On the right:
click any widget area you’d like to add widgets to
From the center:
drag widgets you want to the appropriate widget area
For custom widgets: search on the “plugins” page

Finding Pictures/Photos for Your Site
Always Use Stock Photos
Great Stock Photos: iStockPhoto
About $1 – $3 per photo (always get X-Small)
Good Free Stock Photos: sxc.hu
Download and save to a folder

Making Your First Post
Click on “Posts” on the left. Then click on “Add New”
Enter your title- Include at least 1 keyword (main or secondary)
Paste your article into the body section
Fix any formatting that needs to be fixed
Add any Media you want to add
Fill out the SEO settings at the bottom
Paste your keywords into the “Tags” section
Create or Choose 1 – 3 Categories
To post to your blog: Click “Publish” or “Update” in the top right
To post in a “widget” area: Copy the html and post as a widget
If your site is a blog: make your first post “Sticky”

Adding More Posts and Plugins
Additional Posts work just like the first
Don’t make more than 1 “sticky post”
Don’t make more than 6 categories
If you want something: There’s a Plugin for it
Go to the “Plugins” page and search for what you want
Pay attention to the ratings
If you can’t figure it out: Google it or get a new plugin

Problems? Don’t Worry!
I assume everyone will have difficulties
Play around with WordPress as much as possible
Google any questions you have
Post on the Group page
Ask me if you get stuck
I’ll look at all your sites when you’re done and give my feedback

Advanced Options
Want to do something that I didn’t cover?
Follow the same system as before
Google it
Post on the Group Page
Ask me (if you can’t figure it out)

Create your website
Send me a link when you’re ready for my feeback

If you get done early:
Write another article =)



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